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55tech Fast Drying Towels for Car Wash Dry & Clean Microfiber Towel - Twist-Loop Pile - for Faster One-Pass Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing Trucks SUVs Boats - Superior Absorbency

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Introducing the 55Tech Fast Drying Towels for Cars
The Practical Choice Microfiber is an amazing and effective material, lightweight as it is strong. With this product, we’ve designed a microfiber towel thick at 31 by 20 inches, making it a large, wide towel for the wiping down of even larger vehicles, while still being lightweight and easy to handle.
Fast Drying Towel At 55TECH we’ve created a microfiber towel that’s perfect for use after washing or cleaning your car, SUV, truck, or even boat.
Made from super absorbent microfiber fabric in a twist-loop pile, you can expect to wipe even the wettest vehicle surfaces clean and dry in just one simple pass. No Odor, Lint, or Tags We make this microfiber drying towel from soft Super-Plush, meaning that while it does a great of wiping down your surfaces for detailing or general cleaning, it picks up no odor, leaves behind no lint, and never starts tagging.
Enjoy a trustworthy, long-lasting product with this Fast Drying Towel for Cars and more! Scratch-Free Results Being a soft microfiber towel means that our product will leave your vehicle nothing but smooth, clean, and dry, without any rough fabric scratching the paint or the body whatsoever.
Gently treat your vehicle with the respect it deserves with this towel! Versatile Uses Along with being the perfect towel for cleaning and wiping down your vehicle more thoroughly and effectively, you can also use this microfiber towel in a variety of household cleaning settings. Whether you’re cleaning the dining room table, dusting off an ottoman, or wiping down your bathroom surfaces, this is the super-absorbent choice for you!
  • WATER ABSORPTION: This superior car drying towel is designed to absorb massive quantities of water in just one pass over the surfaces. Just run the towel over the wet surface of your vehicle after a wash and witness how quickly you're left with a clean and dry surface.
  • MICROFIBER DRYING TOWEL: Our drying towels for cars are designed with the principles of microfiber: lightweight with a low profile. With a size of 31"x20", this towel is large, thick, and strong enough to dry off your whole vehicle in one pass, while still remaining easy to handle.
  • SOFT SUPER-PLUSH: We make this drying towel from soft super-plush microfiber with a twist-loop pile, which isn't just easy on your car, but is also easy on the towel itself. This means our car wash drying towels won't pick up odor, leave behind lint, or tag, giving you a long-lasting product.
  • VERSATILE USES: This product is good for more than just a towel car dry, being absorbent and suitable for use all over the house. Whether you're wiping up a mess in the kitchen, cleaning a desk after a spring cleaning, or even wiping the dust off the TV, our microfiber drying towels are perfect.
  • SCRATCH-FREE: You can complete your car towel drying with confidence that you won't leave any scratches on your vehicle with this product. Being a super soft, absorbent, and fast-drying microfiber towel, the fabric is easy on your car's body, leaving it nothing but clean, dry, and smooth.