How Long Should It Take To Detail a Car? 

You want to have your car detailed, but you are also wondering how much time you should allow for it to be done. There are several factors that come into play and you should be aware of them before you make your decision. Doing this will assure that you get the results that you want. 

Read on about the different times and factors for mobile auto detailing in Los Angeles.

The Size

The more space the car detailer has to work with, the longer that it will take. They have to take into consideration what they will have to do with both the interior and the exterior. Be sure to communicate with the detailer about everything before giving the go-ahead to begin.

How Dirty It Is

If you have let dirt and other things build up in your car, then you can expect for it to take longer for the detailer to clean it. It’s next to impossible to have a car be too dirty for them to accept a job. Just be prepared to wait for the results. 

How In-Depth You Want the Detailing to Be

  • Quick Detail - This is very basic to get rid of dust and any water spotting on the interior or exterior. It generally takes half an hour or less. Expect to pay the least amount of money for this. 
  • Standard - The people doing this will usually use two buckets of water to clean the car and they will also clean the interior of the car, making it dust free. It can take up to two hours, though an hour is average. 
  • Maintenance You can anticipate waiting between 45-90 minutes. This depends on whether they are just using water or if they bring a pressure washer in to blow off a foam cleaner. 
  • Decontamination - Here you are getting an extremely thorough cleaning. It can take up to four hours, but you will be getting a very clean car. 
  • Showroom - This is the one where you want them to pull out all the stops, including getting rid of scratches and dents. Their goal is to make the car look like a new one at an auto dealer. This can take upward of a day’s worth of work. 

  • The length of time will also depend on your budget. Your detailer will gladly talk with you about what would work best for you so you can get the cleanest car possible for your price.