5 Car Grille Designs To Give Your Mercedes A Classic Look

5 Car Grille Designs To Give Your Mercedes A Classic Look

As you may well know, the automobile industry has been progressing rapidly. More and more modern cars with sleek looks and advanced features continue to arrive in the market. Some of these features include electric vehicles and the AI-powered safety of self-driving cars. As a car enthusiast, such leaps in modern vehicles are certainly a great thing to watch. However, not all of us tend to prefer modern cars. They do not always scratch the itch that driving a classic beast of a car gives. And what better classy vehicle is out there than a Mercedes Benz? If you own a more Mercedes Benz and want to give it a more classic look to scratch that itch, then installing a suitable grille is an excellent way to do so. Not sure which one to get? No problem! We will discuss 5 car grille designs to give your Mercedes a more classic look.

1. Mercedes Benz R170 SLK 1997-2004 Sports Grille

This is a three-fin look sports grille for R170 SLK models. It can fit all 1997-2004 SLK models. If you're someone who owns one of these models, chances are the original grille you have has become worn off and does not have the original shine to it. Therefore, replacing it with this sports grille can give it a fresher look while still preserving the millennial look. This direct replacement grille is considered a must-have for anyone who owns an R170 SLK. FOr this very reason, it is the best selling grille for SLK models. You can get this grill for around $200.

2. Mercedes Benz W221 2007-2009 Classic Grille

This CL style classic grille is suitable for all W221 S-Class Mercedes Benz models between 2007 to 2009. This is an OEM quality grille, meaning that you are getting a quality grille of the same standards as a grill manufactured by the company on the manufacturing line. This ensures that this grille will fit perfectly into your car. You are also getting an authentic Mercedes Benz centre star included in the grille. This ensures that the classic look you are looking for in your S-Class Mercedes Benz is revitalized.

3. Mercedes Benz W140 1992-1999 S-Class Grill

This classic grille is suitable for only the W140 S-Class sedan models between 1992 to 1999. This means that this grille cannot be installed on an S420 or two-door coupe model. This grill has colour options between classy white and black, whichever one you prefer. These options Installing this grill can help restore your W140 S-Class sedan's former glory. Additionally, the authentic Mercedes Benz center star is installed in this grille, further enhancing the classy look that these cars are known for. You can get this grille for about $189.

4. Mercedes Benz W210 1996-1999 E-Class CL-Style Grille

This CL-style grille is suitable for all W210 E-class models between 1996 and 1999. It is helpful to remember that this grille could not be installed onto E-class models between 2000 and 2002. This grill features an authentic massive center star in the grill, giving it a classic prominent look associated with Mercedes Benz cars. This grille is available in black, silver and chrome options, so you can rest assured that you can get one that suits your E-class model. This grille is very popular, so you may find that it tends to be sold out in places. You can get it for about $199.

5. Mercedes Benz E220 2000-2002 S-Class CL-Style Grille

This CL-style grille is suitable for all S-class models, which include AMG. Additionally, this grille can even be installed in the Euro models between 1999 to 2002. However, this grille will fit the W220 pre-facelifted model only and not the 2003 or later S-class model. This grill features the authentic Mercedes Benz center star that is crucial to the classic look you are trying to achieve. You can find this grill in black, silver, white and chrome options.

To sum up

Modern vehicles are certainly a treat, but they often cannot replace classic vehicles' feel. Mercedes Benz is one such car that is renowned for its classic look. If you own any of the models we have listed in this article, then you can certainly take advantage of renewing the classic look of your Mercedes Benz cars. We hope this article proves helpful and ensures you can give your car a classic look.